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* Author Topic: skin Picpic45 pour Becker Active 50 V1.0  (Read 4112 times)

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    05.02.2012 - 13.53
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    skin Picpic45 pour Becker Active 50 V1.0
    « on: 05.02.2012 - 13.53 »

    his is my skin for version Becker 50 Active Primo 2.0.

    The skin is only compatible with version 50 SR1 Active Becker Primo 2.0 (version 9.6.1 200490).

    For compatibility issues, use the data.zip provided in the archive. Data that contains the resolutions 400_240 and 480_272.
    This data is also suitable for extrapolation with 800_480 resolution.

    The skin itself is provided as a file Branding.zip.

    There is also a file Lang_French_Picpic45.zip for the French translation of the menus.

    I also added a PDF presentation of skin. I invite you to browse.

    Changes in V1.0
    Hidden  Content  :
    - Moving the indications of direction in the upper left.
    - Moved the information at the bottom right path.
    - Relocation and expansion of access button to the Quick Menu on the lower left.
    - Added speed in this button.
    - Changing the banner at the bottom that displays the current street.
    - Added a banner at the top with the next street.
    - Relocation and expansion of the speed limit sign above the speed button.
    - Reorganization of the menu buttons on the right (zoom, POI and TMC, B. Smart, centering button).
    - Viewing of these different buttons depending on the size of the button information of the route.
    - Moving icons Alerts drivers (DA). The menu buttons on the right to fade the display of DA.
    - Relocation and expansion of the visual proximity alerts.
    - Moving and changing the "Back" button (top left).
    - Changing the visual setting for the voice guide on display in the cockpit.
    - Added a menu for setting the skin.
    - Possibility to adjust the transparency of buttons in the cockpit.
    - Added a signal-on speed button in the speed with three options (not enabled, red numbers, colored background).
    - Added a signal-to-speed in the center of the screen. (Speed ​​in big red letters).
    - Added a toggle on the display of 2D/3D cockpit.
    - Ability to change the maximum sound level. (Master volume and volume of voice)
    - Ability to not display the warning at startup.
    - Added Information "Search GPS" icon in the banner and the top if no fix.
    - A long press on this band afiiche screen satellite information.
    - Changing the Split Mode.
    - Added a menu to the split mode.
    - In Mod Drag the screen, while clicking on the banner at the bottom, we permutte between displaying the address and the coordinates of the cursor location.
    - Changing proximity alerts (eg Radar Alerts "). See details in the pdf file.
    - Added a button to exit the screen when displaying TMC events.
    - Can make screenshots with long press on the "backspace".
    - Possibility of demmarer directly in the cockpit (setting in the menu "Setting the skin").
    - Changing the main menu for direct access to menu "Setting Navigation", "System Settings" and "Configuration of the phone."
    - Added buttons in the menus for direct access to the main menu or the cockpit.
    - Possibility to leave Primo with a long press on the pad speed (bottom left)
    - Added a confirmation screen before leaving Primo.
    - Ability to change the speed limit in rainy weather (in France) with a click on the panel speed limit.
    - Go to settings menu "speed" with a long press on the panel speed limit.

    Hidden  Content  :
    Installation consists of copying files data.zip and branding.zip the root of the folder containing the Active version Becker 50.
    Lang file is to copy the folder content / lang.

    For resolution 800_480, we must put this in the sys.txt file.





    Thanks to picpic45 & Mioskins

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    05.02.2012 - 14.17
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    Re: skin Picpic45 pour Becker Active 50 V1.0
    « Reply #1 on: 05.02.2012 - 14.17 »
    Please upload mirror again. Thank you
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    05.02.2012 - 16.54
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    Re: skin Picpic45 pour Becker Active 50 V1.0
    « Reply #2 on: 05.02.2012 - 16.54 »
    Please, update a mirror, the current link don't work

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    14.06.2012 - 19.26
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    Re: skin Picpic45 pour Becker Active 50 V1.0
    « Reply #3 on: 14.06.2012 - 19.26 »
    thank you friend.
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    16.06.2012 - 10.37
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    Re: skin Picpic45 pour Becker Active 50 V1.0
    « Reply #4 on: 16.06.2012 - 10.37 »
    Sent by sinbad26 on 14.06.2012 - 19.26
    thank you friend.

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